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Poached Pork (Taiwanese Style)

Poached pork is a great method of preventing a debilitating bout of PDS (pork deficiency syndrome). No need to consult a doctor for this recipe, diagnosis: delicious.


Ingredients for the Pork

Ingredients for the Sauce

Equipment and Other Things

Preparing the Pork

Pork belly is easier to slice when chilled. Placing it in the freezer for ~5 minutes prior to cutting is recommended. Choose pork belly with large and distinct layers of fat and meat. This particular example is a bit on the skimpy side but the results are still pretty good.

1) Slice pork belly into three or four even pieces
2) Cut green onions in half.
3) Use the small spoon to peel the ginger root.
4) Slice off three pieces of ginger.


5) Add ingredients to the pot and cover with cold water

5) Add ingredients to the pot and cover with cold water.
6) Cover and bring to a boil then reduce heat to medium-low for seven minutes.

7) Keep covered and turn off heat. Let steep for ~30 minutes.

8) The pieces will resemble something like this.
9) Slice into pieces.


Preparing the Sauce

0) This is a recommendation, feel free to experiment with your own combination of flavors.


1) Mince garlic, smaller pieces makes for a more pungent flavor.
2) Add soy sauce.
3) Then the white vinegar.

The Final Product

The end product is great either warm or chilled so leftovers (if there are any) aren’t a problem. Enjoy!.

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