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North Taiwan Mining Legacy: Jinguashi

Jinguashi (金瓜石) is a charming small town northeast of Taipei with stunning shore views and old mining ruins.

How to Reach It from Taipei?

Bus No. 1062 from MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing station goes directly to Jinguashi’s Chuen Ji Hall temple (勸濟堂). The entire journey is about 2 hours.

Chuen Ji Hall temple (勸濟堂), the last stop of Bus No. 1062

Great Mountain-to-Shore Views

From Chuen Ji Hall temple (勸濟堂) and follows the upward roads, there are great vista points for the stunning mountain-to-shore views typical of northeast Taiwan.

The two-color sea is due to the local mineral-rich water

Teapot Mountain

Old Mining Ruins

During early 20 centuries Jinguashi was a popular gold and copper mining area. Now there are still many old ruins lying here on the mountain hills.

Old mining cable car station.

If you look closely you can see an old mining chimney pipe along the hillside

Old Japanese shrine ruin


Jinguashi Gold Museum

Here Jinguashi’s old mining building was converted into a gold museum. The museum introduces Jinguashi’s history and stores a 200+ kilogram gold brick. There is also an old mining tunnel to explore.

The museum’s building

Golden ants

The golden brick

Tunnel entrance


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