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Road Trip Taiwan: Kenting National Park

Taiwan’s Kenting National Park (墾丁國家公園) is a great place to enjoy the beautiful island’s mountains, shores and the ocean.

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Western Kenting: A Place to Have Fun!

In Western Kenting you can enjoy a cruise along the shore while enjoying restaurants, beach hotels, and many other activities.

Great sand beaches just next to the road.

Kenting Main Street (墾丁大街), the place for nightlife.

There are many unique hostels in Kenting.

At the Southern Tip: The Lighthouse

At the southern most of Kenting lies a beautiful lighthouse and park.

The Eluanbi Lighthouse Park

Southeast: Popular Preserved Shore & Meadows

Kenting’s southeast area contains a great swath of undeveloped shores, ocean geological structures, and meadows to visit.

See what it’s like to ride on Kenting’s southeastern shore highway!

Wind-blown sand dunes

Great grassy meadows

Northeastern Kenting: Hidden Natural Beauty

The northeastern part of Kenting has the best nearshore scenery along its roads and is seldom traveled.

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