Taipei 228 Peace Park

The Taipei 228 Peace Park (228紀念公園) reminds us of the horrible events surrounding February 28 1947, how precious the democracy Taiwan now enjoys is, and the long road to freedom paved by the sacrifice of many.

The Diverse Aspects of the Park

You can reach the park via the MRT from Taipei Station to NTU Hospital Station via the Red Line (toward XiaShang station).

The 228 Peace Park contains many aspects of Taiwan’s history, even some dating back 3000 years.

Replica of old Stone Age artifacts discovered in eastern Taiwan.

Qing Dynasty PaiFang (急公好義坊) praised the person who established a test center for Taipei residents so they didn’t need to travel to Tainan.

National Taiwan Museum (國立台灣博物館). It was built during the Japanese Rule era in 1899.

A building built in 1963 in remembrance of Sun Yat-Sen

Main 228 Park Elements

The main 228 monument.

Peace memorial bell

228 Memorial Museum

The 228 Memorial Museum was formerly a broadcast station for THK (臺灣放送協會). Its historical significance was that on 2/28/1947, angry protesters rushed into the station and broadcasted allegation of wrongdoings by the KMT government, sparked nationwide protests against government corruption with demands for business freedom and political reform.

Wall in remembrance of 228 event victims.

This is a statue of Wang Tian Dong (王添燈), one of the leaders of the volunteer 228 Committee that pursued peaceful resolution with the then Taiwan government, and the author of the 32 Demands.

Replica of the broadcast station.

A replica of the broadcasting tower.

Cigarettes. The 228 event was triggered by officials arresting private cigarette vendors. During that time the government forbade free trade, forcing many merchants to become private cigarette sellers.

Photograph showing protesters going to Taipei office that monopolized trade.

Drawing depicting how people were executed during the 228 event. People were strapped together near a river and the soldier would shoot the first person, thereby drowning the others.

Painting of a 228 victim, artist Tan Ting-pho (陳澄波). This year you can also find a chalk board artist representation at Taipei’s Satoyama Cafe (里山咖啡館).


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