Travel Taiwan | South Italian Cuisine with Taiwan Twist

If you ever visit Taichung (台中) and are craving for Italian cuisine, you shouldn’t miss the Moonlight Paradise Rabbit Shop (月光兔天堂小店).


  • Name: Moonlight Paradise Rabbit Shop (月光兔天堂小店)
  • Location: Taichung Nantun District (台中市南屯區) Address Link
  • What’s special: Authentic South Italy (Napoli) Cuisine with unique Taiwanese ingredients.
  • Menu

An Italian restaurant with Associazione Verace Pizza Napolitana certified “true Neapolitan pizza,“ Moonlight Paradise Rabbit Shop also includes many high-quality Taiwanese ingredients into their cuisine.

Restaurant entrance

Brick oven imported from Italy

Photo by Alan Luo

Beef Risotto made with Taiwan's Taitung (台東) Koshihikari brown rice (越光糙米).

Ripieno, pizza dumpling with green onions and beef.

Taiwanese Beef Brisket Jerky (風乾牛腱) pizza, something you won't find in any other place in the world.

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