Great Beer = Denmark x (Taiwan)^2

A good craft beer needs at least three people to work together. First is the beer/food lover to set the theme. Second is the brewmaster to brew great beer in accordance with the theme. Finally, a great illustrator can create an attractive beer label that properly attracts people to enjoy the beer.

Meet new beer created by Mikkeller, the famous Denmark experimental craft beer brewery, and with two new stars from Taiwan:

The creation is called Mikeller’s Cream Ale: Malayan Tapir’s dream of beer.

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The ale pours with a large creamy, mixed-size bubble head. The color ranges from golden to orange.

It initially smells of really fresh hops with grapefruit and a slight hint of acid. Later when the ale becomes less cold it smells of honey and floral notes.


Photo by Alan Luo


When sipped the ale tastes first zesty due to the bubbles, then malty sweet with a slight acidic feel. There is a low bitterness concentrated at the tongue’s end. The aftertaste finishes clean with a little silky feel in mouth. Mouthful is smooth.

This is a nice beer for food pairing. The creamy head with a slight acidic taste helps reduce the grease from food and refreshes the palate.

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