American Citizens for Taiwan was started in 2009 with a mission to help Americans understand why Taiwan is important to America, and of course to drive the U.S. Government to strengthen our relationship with Taiwan and help protect its important democracy. For anyone who has visited to Taiwan, or has been befriended by a Taiwanese, Taiwan’s unique and wonderful culture and cuisine usually becomes a favorite.The Most Disproportionately Popular Cuisine In Each State It’s then no surprise that over the past few years, Taiwanese cuisine has gained fame here in America, with a 2015 poll showing Taiwanese cuisine on top of all other foreign cuisines in California. With this in mind, and with our desire to introduce more North Americans to Taiwanese culture and cuisine, was born.

This is an effort to reach North Americans and to give them a place to get information and content about Taiwanese cuisine. We’ll start off with introductions to Taiwanese cuisine, recipes to make your own Taiwanese food, restaurant reviews, and even chef interviews! Follow our Facebook page and Twitter, where we will not only post links to new content on, but we’ll also post other Taiwanese cuisine related content, especially focused here in America. As the cuisine content grows, we’ll add articles about Taiwanese culture, especially here in North America, where non-Taiwanese can have a chance to experience it.

Stinky TofuDo you consider yourself a foodie, or just love to eat, cook, and write about it? Do you find yourself writing more than the normal two sentences in your Yelp reviews? Perhaps you love knowing and sharing the unique histories of different Taiwanese dishes. If any of these fit you, we need your help! We want to be built with the joint effort of all who love Taiwanese cuisine and culture, and want to share that love with North Americans. Contact us now on the volunteer page and tell us how you want to share your passion.

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