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Alanyi Historic Trail (阿朗壹古道)

Alanyi Historic Trail is located in the Southwest corner of Taiwan on the coastal boundary between Taitung and Pingtung County as shown on the map below:

Alanyi Historic Trail (阿朗壹古道) was built by the imperial Qing government in the late 19th Century to ease the transportation between Western and Eastern Taiwan after the  Japanese annexation of Taiwan (1874), which is also known as the “Mudan Incident”

The trail is a restricted preservation area.  All visitors are required to apply for a permit (in a group of 3-20 people, and it’s mandatory to hire an assigned guide) to enter the area, and a daily quota is in place to limit the number of visitors.  For a visit on popular weekends and holidays, it might be necessary to apply weeks or months in advance.

For further information regarding the application for the permit for visiting the trail please refer to the following link (In Chinese only):

Guard checking for the identity of each person at the entrance of the trail.
The trail and the Pacific Ocean.
Pacific Ocean from the top of a hill on the way.
Dry River Bank and Mountain along the trail.
Rocks along the trail.
View of the Pacific Ocean along the trail.
Landmark at the end of the trail.

Syuhai Grassland Recreation Area (旭海大草原) is another sightseeing spot worth visiting near the South end (Pingtung County) of the trail next to the Syuhai Village (旭海村), which is a good place for staying overnight while visiting the area.

View of the Syuhai Grassland.
Local Plant and the Pacific Ocean
View of the Clear Ocean Water of the Pacific Ocean.
Another View of the Clear Ocean Water of the Pacific Ocean.


Restrooms at the entrance of the Park. (Taiwanese Aboriginal Theme)
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